Tree Trimming Services

Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Assets

While providing aesthetic beauty, trees are your most valuable asset. Ultimate Innovations uses cost effective tree service solutions to help preserve your trees, maximize their health and beauty and reduce liability. Our certified arborists deliver up-to-date knowledge, expertise and best industry practices to keep your trees vibrant and your property safe. If you need your tree removed, transplanted or just plain installed, our tree service specialists can help. We are experts in removing trees as large as they come. And if you need new trees, check out our plant nursery, we have plenty to choose from.

Basic Tree Care Services

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Naturally shape your trees and contain their branches
  • Remove weak and brittle branches before they damage your home or neighbors home.
  • Ensure tree roots will not damage the foundation of your property.

Tree Planting and Transplanting

  • Basic tree planting services for all trees. We specialize in large palm and coconut trees and maintain the staff and machinery necessary for such projects.
  • Our Nursery has a large selection tropical and native Hawaiian trees and plants.
  • Tree transplanting services – professionally have your tree transplanted.

Tree Care

  • Inspection and overall tree care
  • Insect and pest treatment
  • Protection against tree diseases and Disease Treatment
  • Soil and root protection

Tree Removal

  • Large tree removal – we have the necessary equipment and staff on hand to remove Hawaii’s largest trees if necessary.
  • Stump removal
  • Licensed Crane services using our own equipment.
  • Emergency tree removal service

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