Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation

add beauty & function to your landscape

Our certified exterior landscape lighting and irrigation specialists design and build systems to complement your outer décor, to provide a safe and secure environment and to help increase the value of your home or business by keeping your landscape healthy and attractive. By illuminating accented areas to enhance natural elements such as trees, water features, and plants we can create an idyllic setting and bring new life to your property. Additionally, our irrigation systems are sure to deliver the right amount of water at proper intervals to maintain the upkeep of your plants and trees.

Outdoor landscape lighting can provide:

  • SAFETY – A safety component to your property by illuminating walkways to ensure people navigate these areas safely. Utilizing zone lighting on a patio, deck, garden, or pool can provide a safety feature at night.
  • SECURITY – Brighten exterior areas like sidewalks, driveways, garages and entryways to keep your property secure after dark.
  • PROPERTY ENHANCEMENT – Beautify your property or expand outdoor living space by adding lights for your outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS – Utilize LED or solar lighting and save up to 80% off your outdoor energy costs.

Our highly skilled landscape professionals will ensure proper installation and safety requirements needed for your outdoor space. We use high-end outdoor fixtures from Kichler, offering ENERGY STAR certified to ADA compliant products for expansive lighting and irrigation needs.

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